ACLU-WA explains LFOs in Washington State. 


Center for justice

Center for Justice is a Spokane-based legal aid organization that helps people address LFO-related issues, including (from their website)

  • Ask the courts to waive the interest that has accrued on non-restitution LFOs, either while you were incarcerated or after you were released

  • Ask the courts to reduce interest that has accrued on restitution.

  • Help you determine if your LFOs will ever expire.

  • Help you create a realistic, long-term budgeting strategy that allows you to make payments on your LFOs and avoid sanctions for nonpayment.

Civil Survival empowers people by teaching them their basic legal rights and responsibilities with easy-to-understand legal education tools. Our goal is for everyone to have access to the information they need to realize the promises of our Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Civil Survival  

I Did the Time supports individuals and families who are working to overcome barriers associated with past offenses with political advocacy and organizing. It is a grassroots effort to amend RCW 49.60.030, Washington State's Freedom from Discrimination law. I Did the Time recognizes that individuals with arrest and conviction records are unfairly discriminated against when seeking housing and employment, and hopes to prevent this unfair treatment by educating legislators using real-life stories of rehabilitation and struggle. 

I Did the Time

re-entry clinic - Columbia Legal Services

The Reentry Clinic is a Seattle-based clinic that provides legal services to low-income men and women with criminal records facing barriers to successful reentry. The clinic focuses on legal issues related to legal financial obligations (fees, fines and restitution) and access to employment and housing. See their video about LFOs here.


The Revised Code of Washington contains the statute governing LFOs. 

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) on LFOs

Washington Law HELP is an on-line library of free legal education materials for low-income persons and seniors in Washington, some of which has been translated into many other languages.  You also will find information on free legal aid programs in Washington, including basic eligibility and contact information. The site includes criminal justice issues including lots of information about LFOs, including how to request a reduction or waiver of the interest on LFOs.  Washington Law Help is an initiative of the Northwest Justice Project

Washington Law HELP