No More Interest Accrual on Most LFOs!

On June 7, 2018, House Bill 1783 became effective. What that means is that there is no more 12% interest imposed on newly convicted individuals and no more interest accrual on existing LFOs, excluding victim restitution! 

This is a huge improvement. But significantly, it is not retroactive. So everyone with LFOs, including all the participants on this project, still owe what they owe. And the interest already accrued does not go away. 

Every single individual with non-restitution LFOs now has to go to court to request a waiver of their interest. And yet, there is little legal aid available to assist and even less for those who need an interpreter. 

So while we CELEBRATE, we are also not going to forget about everyone with accrued interest. Stay tuned!  

A woman and child leaving the Spokane County Courthouse. 

A woman and child leaving the Spokane County Courthouse. 

LFO Reform Bill again!

Once again, the House of Representatives of the Washington State Legislature introduced the LFO Reform Bill, which would eliminate the 12% interest, among other improvements. The House again passed the bill yeas, 86; nays, 12. The bill is now in the Senate with the hearing before the Law and Justice Committee on February 7, 2018 at 10am.

The Washington State Legislature, Olympia, Washington.

The Washington State Legislature, Olympia, Washington.

So much to update!

It's been far too long since I shared some news! A lot has been going on -- here are some photos of our last three community conversations and exhibits!

July's First Thursday's Artwalk in Pioneer Square!

I'm so excited to announced that my first Living with Conviction exhibit goes up on July 1st! With support from the City of Seattle Office Arts & Culture, the exhibit will be up from July 1 thru August 31, 2017 at the Impact Hub in Pioneer Square, Seattle.

There are two events on Thursday, July 6 during Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk:

  • Community Lunch & Artist Talk:  The Impact Hub is hosting a community lunch where I'll give an Artist Talk about Living with Conviction. More info is available here.  
  • Community Conversation:  Also at the Impact Hub, that evening the incredible Tarra Simmons and I will be hosting a Community Conversation about Living with Conviction and LFOs! Please join as a panel of individuals living with conviction and LFOs shares their experiences. The event will start at 6pm. I hope you can make it!  

LFO Bill Quietly Dies in Senate Committee

The Senate Law and Justice Committee, chaired by Senator Padden (R), substituted House Bill 1783 and adopted Second Substituted Engrossed Bill 1783, which would have lowered the interest rate to four percent, among other changes. That was March 29th. 

Then the bill went to the Senate Ways and Means Committee, which focuses on the State's operating and capital budget. The deadline for a vote was April 5, and the vote never happened. You can see the full details of the bill making its way through the Legislature here.

Unless supporters introduce the bill into the legislature's Special Session, it's over for another year.

Sadly, thousands of men and women will be convicted within the next year and the 12 percent interest will continue to run.